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Guiders Link Vol 3 2017

The edition of the Guiders Link is out now packed full of info from Camp Flower Power and full of information and activities for the upcoming guiding year. » read more


Guiders Link Vol 2 2017

The new issue of the Guiders Link is out now, with a run down of all the events from World Thinking » read more


National Council 2017 Photos

All the photos from National Council. » read more


Annual Report 2016 Video

For everyone who was unable to attend National Council here is the Annual Report video from the day. » read more


Guider Jumpers on Sale

Our friends over at the scout shop are having a sale on Guider Jumpers at the moment where they are » read more


World Thinking Day 2017

Apologies for the delay in getting these up, through one thing and another we are only getting round to adding these now. » read more


Guiders Link Vol 1 2017

Its Here! The new issue of the Guiders Link with a report from the National Guide Weekend from Mount Melleray. » read more


Catholic Guides of Ireland Safeguarding our future!

CGI's National Executive Board came together on Saturday to launch their new child-friendly Safeguarding cards for their youth members. » read more


Guiders Link Vol 4 2016

Where is the year going at all? We are already releasing the last edition of the Guiders Link for 2016! I would like to take a moment to thank all those who have contributed to the Guiders Link over the last year, without all of you, it would not be possible to do this, thank you very much. » read more


Chief Commissioner Awards 2016

Congratulations to all the girls who completed their Chief Commissioner Award projects you did yourselves, your families and all of CGI proud. » read more

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