Association Logo and Badge

CGI have an Association badge and logo which are unique to the organisation.

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Association Logo

  • The Compass: is suggestive of the outdoors and adventure, as well as stressing the aspects of precision and direction. This is an international symbol.
  • The Internal Loop and Arrow: gives the feeling of looking to the future, speed and inspiration. This also represents the internationally reconised symbol for recycling - a worthy trait of any organisation.
  • The Triangle: a symbol of strength, tradition and a sense of hearldry. It can also be interpreted as representing the Trinity, entirely appropiate to the origins of CGI. In addition, the shape suggests protection and comfort.

Association Badge

  • The badge consists of a Celtic Cross with a shamrock superimposed. The tree of life is engraved on the shamrock. The Guide Motto 'Bi Ullamh' is engraved on the base of the Cross.
  • The Badge of the Association is a very special part of our Guide uniform. You wear it only after you have made your Promise. Before you receive it, your badge will be blessed. It is worn in a central position on your neckerchief, directly under the woggle.