Guiding began in the early part of the 20th century. Robert Baden-Powell, at the time a well known General in the British Army, in the course of his career noticed how willing young men were to be trained to be independent, responsible and to think for themselves. He called these training methods "Scouting". Then of course us girls just had to get involved too! The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts are now celebrating 100 years of world Guiding, so there is a lot of fascinating history behind it all!

In 2009 our book was published detailing our 81 years of history entitled In The Spirt of Adventure.

We have lots of great archive photos online and are always delighted to hear from past members about their life in Guiding.

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1909 - Lord Baden Powell, the founder of Boy Scouts called a rally at Crystal Palace in London and some girls attended this event saying that they were Girl Scouts. From this he decided that they should have their own name and Movement

1910 - Baden Powell started the movement for girls and called it Girl Guides and asked his older sister Agnes to run it

1914 - Brownies were started for the younger members

1916 - Rangers began and Baden Powell's wife Olave became World Chief Guide

1928 - The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts was formed to link Guides all around the world

1928 - A Girl Guide Association called Clanna Bride was established in Ireland

1933 - The title of our Association (Clanna Bride) was changed to Bantreoraithe Catoilici na hEireann - Catholic Guides of Ireland

1935 - The Association was reorganised on a Diocesan level, each Diocese having responsibility for its own companies

1972 - The federation of the Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland was formed representing initially the Diocese of Cork & Ross, Down & Connor, Dublin, Ferns and Waterford & Lismore. Later they were joined by the Dioceses of Armagh, Clogher and Derry & Raphoe

1977 - Our Association was restructured as Banoglaigh Catoilici na hEireann - Catholic Guides of Ireland (CGI) with 10,000 members spread throughout the country

1985/87 - Diocese of Dromore, Kerry, Kilmore, Limerick and Meath became involved

1992 - In December 1992, it was agreed to establish Comhairle Bantreoraithe na hEireann - Council of Irish Guiding Associations (CIGA) on behalf of the Catholic Guides of Ireland and the Irish Girl Guides

1993 - At the 28th World Conference, CIGA was ratified as a full member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), and was recognised as continuing the full membership for Ireland, first gained by The Irish Girl Guides in 1932

1994 - Our youngest section - Cygnet Guides - was established

1996 - The official launch of our Cygnet section took place

1999 - Ireland hosted the 30th World Conference of WAGGGS. The conference was held from July 1st - 9th July in University College Dublin

2003 - Catholic Guides of Ireland celebrated their 75th Anniversary with many exciting events

2009 - Catholic Guides of Ireland host the World Council of ICCG (International Catholic Confernce of Guiding)

2009 - In The Spirit of Adventure by Clare Brophy was published by Veritas. The book detailed a history of CGI and was accompanied by a touring photographic exhibition