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Who are the Cygnet Guides?
Cygnets are our youngest section aged 5-6 years old. They meet for approximately one hour per week and their activities include news time, games and crafts. They also go on days out.

What is the Cygnet Programme?
The Cygnet Programme is called "Look What I Cais based on the idea of choices. There are 7 parts to the programme:
I can do anything - Creativity - Red
I can look after myself - Health - Pink
I can go out - Out of doors - Gold
I can care and share - International - Orange
I can talk - Communications - Blue
I can be green - Environment - Green
I can be special - Special - Purple

Stickers: As you work your way through the programme you can also earn stickers.


What do Cygnet Guides wear?
• Cygnet baseball cap
• Cygnet neckerchief, woggle and Guardian Angel Badge worn below woggle, Cygnet badge worn on apex of neckerchief
• White polo shirt with CGI logo
• Red Cygnet sweatshirt
• Navy CGI pull-up trousers
• Trainers

Uniform to be worn at all events including company meetings

Badge information

Right arm:
• Registration badge
• Diocesan badge
• Wagggs badge
• Award badges
• CIGA badge (optional for CIGA members)

Left arm:
• Link up badges at top
• Interest badges

Where do I buy the uniform?

Subject to Availability from:
The Scout Shop
34/35 Upper Liffey Street
Dublin 1
Tel: 01-8722212