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Guides Rangers


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Who are the Guides?
Guides are aged 10/11 - 17 years old. Guides meetings vary from one and half hours to two hours each week. Their activities include cookery, outdoor and life skills. Their programme leads them to organise a lot of their own meetings with the Guiders assistance. They also go on days out, weekends and weeks away both in Ireland and abroad.

What's with all the badges?
Collecting badges is the most fun part of all... As a Guide works her way through the programme she can earn Interest Badges. From intrepid explorers to aspiring makeup artists, their is something for every girl with our badges!

What is the Guide Programme?
The Guide programme is called "Count Me In" and is based on choices which are made by the Guide.

There are 7 parts to the programme:
Out of your shell - Creativity
Live and kicking - Health
Get on the trail - Out of doors
No frontiers - International
Pass it on - Communication
Make a difference - Environment
Something Special - A Special Project

Certificates are awarded on completion of the Programme and are available free of charge from the National Office

What is a Patrol?
In Guides we use the Patrol system as a way of making smaller groups within our Companies. Each Guide is a special member of her own patrol. Each patrol has its own name, emblem and its special patrol corner. During patrol meetings the patrol plans future meetings and carries out plans already made. The Patrol will act on the decision of the majority of its members but will also take note of minority interests and try to include them as well. Each patrol has a Patrol Leader and an Assistant Patrol Leader.

What do Guides wear?
•Guide neckerchief, woggle and Guide badge worn below woggle
•Navy polo shirt with CGI logo
•Guide sweatshirt (patrol badge worn above CGI logo)
•Navy CGI trail trousers

Uniform to be worn at all events including Company meetings

Badge information

Right arm:

  • Registration badge
  • Diocesan badge
  • Wagggs badge
  • Award badges
  • CIGA badge (optional for CIGA members)

Left arm:

  • Link up badges at top
  • Interest badges
  • Pl and apl pins worn on sweatshirt 

Where do I buy the uniform?

Subject to Availability from:
The Scout Shop
34/35 Upper Liffey Street
Dublin 1
Tel: 01-8722212