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Who are the Rangers?
Rangers are aged 14 - 19 years old. Ranger meetings are much more flexible and quite often they only meet once or twice a month. They run their own meetings and the Guider is only an observer. Rangers can then go on to become Guiders.

A Ranger Company may be set up in any Parish / Unit / with a Guider, for girls aged 14 years or over. To be a Ranger Guide it is not necessary to have been a Guide but you should be willing to accept the Ranger Guide Promise. Girls aged 14 years and over who are in a Guide Company may take part in certain activities for the Ranger Guide Section.

What is the Ranger Programme?
The Guide programme is called "Get With It" and is based on choices which are made by the Ranger. The programme consists of modules in each of the following elements:

Out of Doors
Special Projects

Certificates are awarded on completion of the Programme and are available free of charge from the National Office in silver, bronze and gold. Pins are also awarded and are available from the Scout Shop.


What do Ranger Guides wear?

  • Ranger neckerchief and woggle and Association pin worn below woggle.
  • Navy polo shirt with CGI logo Ranger badge to be worn on polo shirt
  • Ranger rugby shirt
  • Gold/Silver/Bronze Award Pin
  • Navy CGI trail trousers
  • Trainers

Uniform to be worn at all events including company meetings

Badge information

Right arm:

  • Registration badge
  • Diocesan badge
  • Wagggs badge
  • Award badges
  • CIGA badge (optional for CIGA members)

Left arm:

  • Link up badges at top
  • Interest badges

Where do I buy the uniform?

Subject to Availability from:
The Scout Shop
34/35 Upper Liffey Street
Dublin 1
Tel: 01-8722212