Rangers Encouraged to Become Guiders

My name is Emma, and I have been a member of CGI since I was eight years old and I have made some of my most amazing memories in Guiding. But ever since I was young, I always knew that one day I wanted to become a Guider, and now that I’m 18 I have that opportunity, and lucky for me I have been encouraged to do so.

My mam was a Guider when she was younger, and then after a break away for a number of years she returned and is once again a member of CGI and she’s currently the Guider in charge of the Cygnet section in our Unit. I always knew that I wanted to become a Guider just like she did. In my Unit our Guiders have really encouraged us and been there to support us in any way they can.
One thing we have always been told is that we, as the youth members of CGI, are the future of the association, and that we are the Guiders of tomorrow.

Brigin Guider in uniform with a white and yellow neckerchief giving the Guide sign   Guide in a blue Guide uniform with a navy and white neckerchief, holding a certificate

I have had the most amazing Guiders my whole way through Guides and they have always been role models to me, and to all of us. I always knew that if I was to become a Guider, I would want to lead just like them. I want to be there for others, just like my Guiders have been there for us for all these years. They are the Guiders that we aspire to be, and that we dream to be. Ranger Guide in a room in a Ranger hoodie with a yellow and white neckerchief holding some crafts

I was worried that once I turned 18 that there would be nowhere for me to go after Rangers, but we were encouraged to become Guiders. For me that was amazing, because it meant that no matter what, I could continue to share the Spirit of Guiding, and now that I can train to become a Guider myself, I can also share with younger girls the life lessons and everything that I have learned from being in Guides, and from my Guiders, over the last number of years.

It really shows that no matter what, the Spirit of Guiding is never ending, and that you’ll always have a place in Guides, regardless of who you are or where you come from. Guides is always there for you, and that is something that has been instilled in me throughout my Guiding life, and it’s something that; when I become a Guiders; I hope that I can share with others.
Guides teaches us so much and becoming a Guider gives us the opportunity to then teach others. I want to be able to inspire others and be a role model to others, just like many people have done for me over the years, and in Guides that is something that we have always been encouraged to do.

I think one thing in life that we all try to do is to be a role model for someone, and to me becoming a Guider helps make that happen. It’s brilliant that as Rangers we are given the opportunity and are encouraged to become Guiders, because at the end of the day we are the future of CGI and we are the Guiders of tomorrow. So, I think it’s important that as Rangers we take this opportunity and lead the way that we have been led for so many years.

Emma Carton, Eastern Region.