Training for Volunteers

Becoming a Guider involves training. When starting out as a volunteer with your Company you are required to complete the Basic Training Course run annually by the Training Team. Having completed this course you follow on with your Guider Intermediate course.

It is in the interest of the Company for the Guider to keep herself updated on new skills and practices. By taking part in some of the annual Training Courses on offer in your Diocese/Region you are not only developing your own awareness but also that of your Guides who will benefit from your training.

Compulsory Courses:

  • In-service training (helping out within an existing Unit)
  • CGI Child Protection Awareness Training
  • Guider Training - Step 1

Optional Courses:

  • Guider Training - Step 2
  • Guider Training - Step 3 (An Dushlan)
  • First Aid Training
  • Indoor and Outdoor Camp Warrants
  • Backwoods Training
  • Managing Challenging Behaviour Training

...and more!

Guider Training - Step 1

This course is compulsory in order to be appointed as a Guider. Trainees coming to the Guider Training Course must be 18 years of age, have completed the Confidential Volunteer Application Form, been Garda or Access NI vetted and received the recommendation of her Guider and Unit Leader/Area/District Commissioner. This course consists of a number of modules normally run over a weekend which will help you in the running of your Company. Each Trainee Guider will complete in service training along with a number of challenges in order to complete the course. At the end of the course each trainee will be appointed as a Guider.  

Guider Training - Step 2

The Guider Training Step - 2 is open to all those who have completed the Guider Training - Step 1, or is often used as a Refresher course for long serving Guiders. This is usually a week-end residential course focusing on personal development. Its aim is to develop the self-confidence, initiative and creativity of each participant so that she can better fulfill her role as Guider.

This course comes around every 2 years and it gives you a chance to develop oneself. Topics include Leadership Styles and Time Management just to name a few. The Common Market is a very popular part of the weekend where Leaders share programme and craft ideas and also submit problems or issues to get a wider perspective. It is also a great chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

Guider Training - Step 3 (An Dúshlán)

Guider Training Step 3 (An Dushlan) is an Advanced Guiders course run by the National Training Team. Participants work on a project with a common goal/challenge, agreed by the participants and the trainer alike, which they feel might benefit Guiding in their Diocese/ Region. Their project is presented at a residential weekend involving all the other course participants. Applicants must have completed Guider Training - Step 2.

Child Protection Awareness Training

Every adult member of CGI working with the girls must complete our Child Protection Training course. This will give you a more thorough explanation of the Association's policy and procedures in order to enhance your knowledge. This course will need to be updated every 2 years. It is essential that every person volunteering with CGI completes this course as soon as possible after joining.

First Aid

The course can be run internally and externally by accredited bodies. It is recommended that all Guiders should complete a basic first aid course and renew as appropriate. In order to obtain your Camp Warrant you must have acquired a First Aid certificate.