CGI Oscars Dolores Farnan receives the Lifetime Award from Chief Commissioner Emily McCann.

For the first time, CGI Oscars were held at National Council to celebrate the hard work of our Guiders. Over 2000 votes were received for the competition in the weeks leading up to National Council and the awards ceremony created a fun end to the day.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners, especially Dolores Farnan who received the CGI Oscar Lifetime Award and celebrated by singing the 'Community Song'.

The Categories and winners:
  • Lifetime Award - Dolores Farnan
  • Volunteer of the Year - Michelle Finnerty
  • Biggest Recruiter - Clare O'Brien
  • Most Active Region - South Eastern Region
  • Exceptional Unit Leader - Brid Barnes
  • Exceptional Cygnet Leader - Nicola Savage
  • Exceptional Brigin Leader - Mandy Derwin
  • Exceptional Guide Leader - Alison Devlin
  • Exceptional Ranger Leader - Nicola Toughey
  • Exceptional Outdoors Leader - Cathy McSweeney 

To see the photos of all of the winners have a look at our flickr page!