What is a Guider?

- Gives up her time for Youth

U - United in Uniform

I - Inspiration to Others

D - Dedicated to CGI

E - Enthusiastic & up for a challenge

R - Responsible Role Model

Women from all walks of life are adult leaders in Guiding. Being a Guider provides opportunities for many of them to share in a caring environment encouraging, helping and motivating young girls and women. In our Association you will be encouraged to use your talents, learn new skills, extend existing expertise and make many new friends in the Guiding community. Your time and energy working with enthusiastic young people in Guiding activities will be much appreciated and will be very rewarding and great fun!

The Guider is a role model for the Guides in her care
providing leadership through:

• Relating with the individual Guides and responding to their needs
• Communicating effectively
• Promoting interaction between Guides and Guiders
• Having vision and thinking outside the box
• Encouraging Guides and Guiders to reach their goals
• Understanding the needs/characteristics of the age group
• Being flexible in her approach
• Motivating, stimulating and delegating
• Offering opportunities for others to learn
• Offering opportunities for international travel

General Guidelines for volunteering in CGI

  • Find a role that suits you.
  • Be yourself - you are a valuable and unique and have a lot to offer.
  • Be honest about what you can take on.
  • Talk to us and tell us your needs - because, without you and others like you, our organisation would not exist.
  • Always ask if you are not sure - no matter how small the issue is!
  • If you are working with children, listen to them.
  • Always say what you feel comfortable / uncomfortable doing.
  • Enjoy yourself
  • Participate!Be proud of your abilities and the contribution you can make.
  • Build safe and warm relationships.
  • Remember that you may be a volunteer, but that CGI is a professional organisation.
  • Never allow yourself to be placed in a position that will compromise you.
  • If, at any time, you stop caring about what we do or find yourself in a situation where you cannot continue your voluntary work in the same capacity, please do not just leave: talk to us first!

For more information on Volunteering with CGI see our Volunteer tab!

What do Guiders wear?

There are two Guider Uniforms, Activity and Formal.

Activity Uniform

Guider Activity Uniform is worn at meetings, camps, activity days/weekends etc.

  • Guide neckerchief and woggle (Association pin worn below woggle)
  • Guider Teal Sweatshirt
  • CGI Lemon Poloshirt
  • Diocesan Badge (worn on right arm)
  • Plain navy tracksuit bottoms
Formal Uniform

Guider Formal Uniform is worn at enrolments, masses, official outings, council meetings etc.

  • Formal/Company neckerchief and woggle
  • Lemon CGI Blouse
  • Diocesan Badge (worn on right arm)
  • Metal Name Badge (worn opposite pocket)
  • Association tab worn beside pocket with service award, rank pin and training pins
  • Navy skirt or trousers, flesh/navy tights and navy/black shoes
Where do I buy the uniform?

Activity Uniform is available from the CGI shop online Here

Formal blouses, scarves and pin tabs are available from the National Office.

Uniform queries

If you have any queries about CGI uniforms, please email [email protected]