Who are the Cygnet Guides?A Cygnet Guide decorates a craft

Cygnets are our youngest section aged 5-6 years old. They meet for approximately one hour per week and their activities include news time, games and crafts. They also go on days out.

What is the Cygnet Programme?

The Cygnet Programme is called "Look What I Can Do". It is based on the idea of choices. There are 7 parts to the programme:

I can do anything - Creativity - Red
I can look after myself - Health - Pink
I can go out - Out of doors - Gold
I can care and share - International - Orange
I can talk - Communications - Blue
I can be green - Environment - Green
I can be special - Special - Purple

The Cygnet Promise:

I [insert name] promise to love God and to love other people.

The Promise is taken by Guides and Guiders and is central to Guiding. In making the promise one acknowledges the fundamental principles of Guiding and in so doing becomes a committed member of the worldwide movement. Guiding personnel the world over make a similar Promise which unites them by a three part commitment to the same values and objectives:

• The determination to seek spiritual fulfilment
• The agreement to contribute to society
• The acceptance of a simple code: the Guide Law

The Cygnet, Brigin, Guide & Ranger Guide Promises are derived from the original Guiding PRINCIPLES presented to Guiders by the founder, Baden Powell, in 1907:

• To do my Duty to God & my country
• To help other people at all times
• To obey the Guide Law

The Cygnet Law:

A Cygnet
C Cares and Shares
Y is Young and Special
G Loves God
 is always Neat
E Enjoys herself
T Tries to be good


What do Cygnet Guides wear?

  • Cygnet baseball cap
  • Cygnet neckerchief, woggle and Guardian Angel Badge worn below woggle, Cygnet badge worn on apex of neckerchief
  • White polo shirt with CGI logo
  • Red Cygnet sweatshirt
  • Plain navy tracksuit bottoms
  • Trainers

Uniform to be worn at all events including company meetings

Badge information

Right arm:

  • Registration badge
  • Diocesan badge
  • Wagggs badge
  • Award badges
  • CIGA badge (optional for CIGA members)

Left arm:

  • Link up badges at top
  • Interest badges
Where do I buy the uniform?

Uniform is available from from the CGI shop online Here

Uniform queries

If you have any queries about CGI uniforms, please email [email protected]