My ten year journey.
Group of Guides and Briginí against a maroon wallClose up of a CGI Ranger in a Ranger hoodie
Over the ten years I have been involved in Girl Guides I have developed a variety of skills such as communication, organisational, problem solving and team working skills that are extremely important to have in my daily life. Girl Guiding has given me many opportunities to volunteer for different organisations that I am very grateful for, for example the ‘Soup Kitchen’ as it has given me the chance to meet new people from different background which has benefited me greatly. I have been inspired by Girl Guiding as it has given me the confidence to work outside my comfort zone which has helped me to accept my offer to move to Manchester for University. By attending different international and local camps I’ve learned different life skills which have helped me become independent and I have made many friends through the various programmes I have attended throughout my time in Girl Guiding.

Oonagh Martin, Northern Region.