Hey, my name is Alanna and for those who don’t know me I’ve been a member of Neilstown Girl Guides since I was 8 years old. You might know my face from face painting and throwing glitter everywhere on camps.

I’ve been a makeup artist for 6 years now and in January this year (much to Trish Derwin’s disgust) I took the leap and emigrated to Toronto, Canada. I was very thankful to guides for teaching me how to pack a lot of things into one bag. As an only child, who has always lived at home, I knew it was going to be a huge challenge. Even my own family didn’t think I would be do it but I guess I’ve proved to them I can I am here almost two months and have survived so far.

A picture of some ice skaters in Toronto

I came over here to work as a film and tv makeup artist as the industry is booming over here. So far I have worked a couple of days on the television show “See” with Jason Mamoa (He actually gave out to me on my first day, jokingly of course) and yes he is just as dreamy in person.

No one tells you how hard it will be to set yourself up and provide for yourself at first, I only bought a mattress for myself this week. Chicken fillets are like 20 dollars over here so I think I might try vegetarian for a while but I mean coffee is only 2 dollars so it evens out, although if someone could send over a spice bag and some pudding that would be great lol.

I am very thankful to guides for teaching me a lot of things over the years that I didn’t even know I would use. Mainly to ask for help when it’s needed (the Irish Community here is great) also living in in close quarters with other girls, packing light, the confidence to meet new people, and most importantly how to sleep on a floor and not complain thanks to my Neilstown Gals, and of course the wonderful Trish Derwin (my second mother and guides itself for everything.

I’ll see you all soon to you with my loud campfire singing and inability to talk before 10am. If anyone has any questions just give me a text and if you are ever in Toronto I’ll show you where to get the best Guinness (not the best but a little taste of home).