Welcome to CGI's Recruitment and Retention Week 2023!!

Along with all the events going on around the country we here at CGI have some interviews with various members of our fantastic organisation that you can use to gather information and to highlight the amazing work our organisation does.

The week starts on Saturday 7th of October and here is some of what we have planned:

 A printable version of the calendar is available here


Oct 7th

CGI Recruitment & Retention Week 2023

  • Julie Donnelly, Chief Commissioner

View the video Here


Oct 8th

Your Snapshot to International Girl Guiding in CGI

  • Gillian Garvey, National International Commissioner

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Your Personal Development & Leadership Journey with CGI

  • Trish Derwin,  National Training Commissioner

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Oct 9th

Our Guiding journey from Brigin to Guider and opening our own Unit

  • Amelia Finnerty, Leah Byrne, Guiders, Buion Naomh Columba

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Oct 10th

Achieving the Gold Health Quality Mark for CGI

  • Nicola Toughey, National Office Coordinator

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Oct 11th

Ventact Ranger Camp September 2023

  • Alison Dowling, Guider, St Brendan’s, SWR

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CGI Trip with Sail Training Ireland July 2023

  • Marie Denham, Guider, Buion an Leanbh Prague, ER

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Oct 12th

Toe Camp Belfast July 2023

  • Meave Heaney, Guider, Holy Family, NR

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My Experience of the Juliette Lowe Seminar 2022

  • Emma Carter, Guider – Buion Naomh Columba, ER

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Oct 13th

Take Action 2023

  • Joan Farrell & Ranger Unit – Buion Naomh Ailbhe, ER

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Oct 14th

Get Outdoors with CGI 

  • Arlene Griffin,  Guider,  Buion Naomh Pol, ER

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