Guides Against Bullying (GAB)

CGI has launched a new Guides Against Bullying Programme in 2019. 

Copies of the programme and badges can be ordered free of charge from the National Office. 


Image of the cover of the GAB programme with two badges

It has become an epidemic in western society, and while Guiding as a whole is a zero-tolerance organisation, it’s still important that we face up to the facts that girls within CGI are being bullied on a daily basis, and indeed some may even be the bully! It’s incumbent on us, as adults within our organisation, to educate ourselves on what bullying is, and why it occurs, in order to better understand the motivations and emotions behind it. We need to understand the behaviour in order to address it and deal with it in the correct way.

We all know that women love to talk; how many jokes are there about the gossipy women, or the nosey neighbour or the Chatty Cathy etc. But talking is good, it’s powerful and it can be a relief at times, and that’s why we’re trying to encourage our youth members to talk to each other, to us, to someone trustworthy. If a problem shared is a problem halved, then we encourage everyone to talk about their problems, to chat about their worries, to moan about their fears. We don’t care how they do it, but please everyone, let’s just GAB about it!

With that in mind we’ve devised this Anti-Bullying programme, to be used by leaders with their sections. There is also a badge at the end of the programme which can be worn on the uniform, and a button badge that can be displayed on a school bag, pencil case etc.

Remember: If in any doubt at all, please consult the Safeguarding Policy or your Reporting Officer for help and advice.