On Sunday 12th January, Guiders from the Eastern, South East and South West Regions took part in the Health Promotion Day at the Marino Institute in Dublin. The day was designed around feedback from a survey of all adult members.
Emily McCann, Chief Commissioner, welcomed everyone to the event and Lisa Harold from the National Youth Council of Ireland, gave an opening presentation on the National Youth Health Programme.

The workshops on the day were:
‘Self-Care for One Good Adult’ provided by Jigsaw. The aim of the workshop was to give Guiders an opportunity to step back and to look at their own self care.

Smoothie Bikes, where the Guiders cycled to make their own smoothie and took part in time trials, obviously this got a bit competitive!
Laughter Yoga. The Guiders were shown breathing exercises and how to do yoga through laughter, there was great feedback and lots of laughter throughout the corridors of the Marino Institute.

The guest speaker for the day was Marie Casey Breen, who gave an inspirational, entertaining and from the heart speech to everyone.
Marie worked for Concern and volunteered in Bangladesh before volunteering in India where she worked with Mother Teresa in her Hospital for the Dying. Following a year’s backpacking in Asia, Marie was asked to be part of the Concern Emergency Team made up of experienced volunteers that set up the refugee camp for Cambodians fleeing across the Thai border. After returning to Ireland, Marie completed her first Marathon at the age of 25 in Dublin followed by many more including London and New York.

CGI Health Promotion Day 2020

Marie went on to compete in Triathlon distance events in the 4 Provinces of Ireland and Europe in her age group.

Colon Cancer struck in January 2011 and offered the ultimate challenge for Marie. Following an operation and chemo she maintained as much fitness as she could, being reduced to only being able to walk half a mile. She battled physical and mental struggles that illness brings, grasping onto the goal of the Dublin Marathon in October of that year, which she achieved. Marie quickly decided that a new challenge was called for. Ironman Austria seemed the fitting stage.

In 2014 Marie headed to Sweden to improve her placing and always the faraway dream of Kona lingering in her subconscious. Not only did Marie achieve this but qualified for a coveted slot to the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. A platform shared by the world’s most elite Ironmen on the planet.

Marie’s mantra is “How lucky am I to be here”

Barbara Ryan gave an introduction to the CGI Healthy Unit Programme, which was launched by Marie and Emily and a copy is included with this edition of the Guiders Link.

A t-shirt, designed by the Storrows based on positive mental health, was on display and is available to pre order from the National Office.

Emily thanked everyone for taking part in the Health Promotion Day and thanked the team for putting together the event.

Everyone was given a ‘Happiness Bag’ as they left for home.