Michelle’s Superpower is she is self-employed business owner and an essential worker throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Have a read of Michelle’s submission below and remember everyone that where local businesses supported the community throughout the last number of months to try shop local now and return their support as we all move out of restrictions #supportlocal #supportsmallbusinesses

Michelle Coady holding a cupcakeMy name is Michelle Coady and I am a leader in Buìon Padraig in Tramore Co.Waterford I’ve been a leader for the last 4 years and I love it!

My section is Brigins and I love meeting up every Wednesday night in our new den which we share with the Tramore Scouts we are very lucky to have this premises. In Brigins we play games, art and learn new songs which we all learn the actions of the song or even making up the actions as we go along. I have to say the best part, well really being in the Girl Guides, my favourite part is the bonfire I love the songs now I haven’t a note in my head but like us all sing along and enjoy it. I was in the Brigins when I was younger I was in the Waterford city one. The Aran Islands had to be my favourite place to go on camp as a child.

My super power is I’m lucky enough to say I own my own business, well myself and my husband do. We own a Centra shop. Yes we’re not actually in the hospital as doctors & nurses are but we still are front line workers. Yes its hard work but, you know what, it’s so worthwhile as this pandemic came in I realised how hard people had it. Whether it was an elderly couple that one looked after another or if a family member was is hospital and people weren’t allowed to travel to the hospital.

We took on these roles not that we had too!!! Because we were lucky enough to say “These people need help I will deliver their groceries too them!!!” And hoped that if the shoe was on the other foot that people would helped me out. And No we don’t offer this service in our shop just did it while people couldn’t get out!!! We never had to close the shop as we are classed an essential shop... We served our local community and kept as much safety as we could... We put up screens on the tills, stickers on the floors for 2m distance and hand sanitiser in places around the shop.

For the sake of everyone if everyone looks after themselves we should be able to get through this safe and well... Keep safe everyone....

Michelle Coady

Buìon Padraig in Tramore Co. Waterford