We know that we have been in lockdown for a long time at this point, and hopefully as things start to open up we can start getting things a bit more back to normal. However, its also a time for fresh starts, so, why not try and earn your WAGGGS Tide Turners badge?

Cheap, durable, and light, plastic has made its way into every country, every society, every lifestyle. Yes, it makes life easier in lots of ways. Who amongst us can say they’ve never used a plastic straw, plastic shopping bag, or plastic spoon? But here’s the downside: Our production and consumption of single-use plastics and our inability to manage plastic waste sustainably have led to a massive pollution problem.

The solution does not lie at sea, though. It lies on land with us, the ones who started the problem.

Download all the info on how to complete the tasks for your badge along with the Scoresheet below.

Tide Turners badge info