The aim is simple, any girl that achieves over 650 points can be awarded the challenge badge, which will be available to purchase from the National Office. There are a list of suggested activities and the number of points available for each one, there are also bonus points available if they have photo proof of the activity rather than just written proof.

Everything must be documented as proof of completion, but again this can be done as imaginatively and creatively as the girls wish; they can create a Summer Challenge Journal, maybe a blog for the older ones or a simple scrapbook for the younger. Creating and compiling their journal will be part of the fun for the girls and will also be a way to keep them engaged during the holidays. If you have a number of girls undertaking the challenge why not arrange one of your first meetings back in September to be a Show and Tell night, with the girls explaining what they did and showing their journal/scrapbook?

You don’t necessarily have to stick with the activities listed below, you can use it as a guide, or not at all, the important thing is to encourage the girls to get involved, to have fun doing so, and then have a fun badge award ceremony in September.

Create Journal of Summer Challenge 100 0
Go without technology for 8 consecutive daylight hours (max allowable 150pts) 75 5
Make & bury a family time capsule 50 5
Do chores without being asked (max 30pts) 10 2
Do at least 3 of the challenge activities with a friend 30 6
Go without tv for two whole days 40 4
Make some chalk murals on your driveway 25 2
Climb the highest tree you can 10 2
Do a jigsaw puzzle, at least 500 pieces 30 2
Turn up the music and dance 20 2
Make friendship bracelets with a friend 20 2
Learn a new card game 25 2
Create something from recycled materials 30 2
Make a blanket fort with mom or dad 20 2
Make a pop-up card for a celebration 20 2
Read a book & then watch the movie 20 2
Make the tallest house you can from playing cards 10 2
Go on a road trip with your family 40 5
Visit the zoo 50 5
Go to the cinema with someone special 20 2
Have a family karaoke night 20 2
Go on a hike of at least 5km 30 5
Plant something and help it grow 20 2
Have a backyard camp out 30 5
Swim in the sea 20 2
Play in the rain 10 2
Make and take a picnic with your family 30 5
Make ice-cream in a bag 20 2
Make armpit fudge 20 2
Have dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner 20 5
Make and drink a smoothie 10 2
Make dinner for your family (Max 50pts) 25 2
Plan a family fun night 20 2
Have a campfire night with friends 30 2
Teach someone how to makes smores 20 2
Make a list of things you’d like to do next term in CGI 10 2
Take a selfie with a leader during break 10 2
Take a selfie outside Head Office or Regional offices 80 10
Recruit new youth member for September (on enrolment) 200 50
Recruit new adult member for September (on enrolment) 600 50