Finding Friendships in College

In today's post, we'll be tackling one of the scariest parts of starting college (or starting anything else!): Making Friends! Read more

Managing Your Finances

In this month's post, we're giving you some ideas about how you can save some money in college while still staying happy and healthy! Read more

Storrows Blog- Exams and Assignments by Megan Dempsey

College exams are a huge change from secondary school exams. The big difference is that it’s totally self-motivated. There are no constant reminders to study, no list of topics to learn and no set questions to prepare. It’s important to remember, though, that you’re not on your own. Read more

Health & Well-being in College

To kick off the new year we’re taking a look at some healthy habits you can pick up to help maintain a healthy lifestyle in college that will last a lifetime! Read more

After School Choices

Choosing your path for after secondary school Read more

Guiding helped me seek opportunities abroad.

Guiding helped me seek opportunities abroad. Read more

College & Covid-19: Advice on the Essentials

Today we're coming with a more difficult post - how to manage college in these unprecedented times. Because there are so many worries amongst students and so much essential information, this post is longer than usual, but I've tried to break it into smaller sections, so you can find what applies to you more quickly! Please feel free to message us with any more specific queries and we can hopefully point you in the right direction! We'll be back in a few days Read more

Studying and Working from Home

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing us to work in new ways - some of us love it, some of us hate it! Here are some tips that you can apply to both studying at home if you're in school or college, or working from home in general. You never know, some of us may have the option to continue working from home and never return to the office when all this is over! Read more

First Year Over!

Shauna and Megan have finally finished their first year of college - and what an unusual year it's been! They give some last thoughts and advice in this final post (for now at least!) Read more