National Quality and Standards Framework (NQSF)

The Government have introduced Quality Standards for local youth clubs and youth groups. These are called the National Quality Standards for Voluntary Led Youth Groups (NQSVLG).

The Standards are there to affirm the existing good practice in many clubs/groups and are there to encourage all clubs/groups to look at how they operate with regard to a number of key issues, such as the voice of young people, safety etc. and to identify opportunities for improvement if needed.

The Standards are there to reassure young people, parents and the wider community that clubs and groups are working for the benefit of young people and to show each of those groups what each club and group is about.

If you apply for a grant from your local ETB, then it is a requirement that you will now engage with the NQSVLG. Not engaging with the process may result in grants not being paid to Units, so it is up to each Unit to actively engage with the process.

Your Region can provide you with the basic paperwork that needs to be completed, and provide you with sample completed forms to make it as easy as possible for our volunteers. 

If you need any further assistance, contact your Regional Commissioner or Nicola Toughey in the National Office- [email protected]