To create an inclusive, empowering network for young women to develop life skills in an interactive, social and flexible environment

 To inspire a diverse group of young women to engage in a modern creative and fulfilling skills based programme.

The Programme is designed for the 18 - 30 age group to give flexibility with school, college, or starting work and provides for individual choices. It is interactive and inclusive. It is therefore designed in a way to "keep involved" and can be a "dip in and out" option for Guiders and/or Rangers to keep in touch with their peers while also facilitating personal development. It does not replace either the Guider or Ranger Sections.

The Programme contains 7 Components:

  • My Guiding Journey
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Life Skills
  • International
  • Social Networking
  • Community
  • Opportunities & Challenges

Each component was carefully considered and selected by the Storrows Development Team and reinforced by feedback from Regional workshops and a Survey Monkey sent out to all 18 to 30 year olds in CGI September 2018.

To get the most out of this programme you should consider joining the Facebook page CGI Storrows which will contain links, articles and topics for discussion. Most importantly you will experience a sense of belonging, support and potentially form lifelong friendships. 

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My Guiding Journey

Leadership in CGI,

Develop and Grow,

Reach your Potential and make a difference

Leadership Skills

Communication Skills – Improve your listening & interpersonal skills

Confidence & Agency – Recognise that you can make a difference and that your effort has a purpose

Planning & Problem Solving – Learn how to plan and research activities and events, recognise and solve problems.

Relationships – Learn how to manage your personal and social relationships

Creativity & Imagination – Explore your creativity, be open to new ideas, try new ways of doing things

Resilience and Determination – Learn how to protect yourself and recover quickly from difficult situations

Facilitation Skills – Learn how to manage group discussion to achieve common objectives